7 Ways to Improve Your Veterinary Clinic

Running a successful veterinary practice requires a lot – time, skill, business savviness and most of all, passion. You put everything you’ve got into running your clinic and creating a safe, welcoming environment for your clients to be heard and your patients to be treated. While you may have checked all the necessary boxes, there’s always room to improve, so you can ensure your clinic is going strong. With over 25 years of practice ownership, People, Pets and Vets (PPV) has really honed in on the stuff that keeps your clients, patients and employees happy. Here’s a look at 7 ways you can improve your veterinary clinic:

We live in a modern world with access to information at our finger tips. Provide an effortless, electronic flow to your clients with online appointments, digital files and office tech support.

Recruiting and retaining talent is an important investment for your practice. Offering veterinarian mentorship, continued education and professional development shows your commitment to the field, clinic and the careers of your staff.

Referrals and word of mouth will always be an important aspect of growing your practice; however, there are more ways to drive sales and market share. Consider the reach of being social via digital platforms and increasing your involvement with local grassroots efforts. These opportunities can share the unique aspects of your clinic and create good will within the community at the same time.         

From financial reporting and forecasting to payroll and budget, finance and accounting is an integral part of your business. Gain short and long-term financial management planning insights to help secure the future of your practice.

Office operations is the behind the scenes work that you want to stay seamless to your clients. Making tweaks to little things like employee communication, appointment structures and even office organization, can have the biggest impact.

Whether your practice is enjoying steady growth or experiencing a plateau, it’s important to understand the potential of your hospital. Identify what you want for your future marked with clearly defined goals and financial health to help pave your path forward.

People (and pets!) never forget how you make them feel. Create a professional and positive culture for everyone who walks through your clinic doors by looking at your practice through the lens of the client. Evaluate how clients are they treated on the phone and in-person. Take an objective look around – Is your clinic a nice place to visit, i.e., clean, with adequate equipment and space. What’s the patient culture – Do you listen to and educate your clients?

Animal care is your specialty, and running a successful practices requires wearing a lot of hats – we get it! At People, Pets and Vets we’re passionate about being a leader in veterinary care. As a doctor-led organization, we strive for excellence in everything we do, operate with integrity and have fun along the way.

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