Chico Hospital For Cats

We are meowy excited to welcome Chico Hospital for Cats to the PPV team! Dr. Elizabeth Colleran and her team of cat veterinarians and staff have dedicated their lives to understanding our feline friends on an unprecedented level. The cat hospital has incorporated this knowledge into every aspect of our practice. We are proudly the only Gold designated AAFP Cat-Friendly Practice in Northern California.

In addition, Dr. Colleran is a prominent and leading national feline specialist – she has been recognized for numerous awards and speaks at major conferences across the country. Dr. Colleran is joined by her associates, Dr. Kaarin Vekman and Dr. Elisa Kleiman, as well as her hospital manager, Mandy Billyos.

Since 1998, Chico Hospital for Cats is the only feline-exclusive veterinary hospital servicing Chico and the neighboring communities. Their Gold-Certified Cat-Friendly Practice provides their clients and their feline family members with the most comprehensive animal care available. The team’s expertise lies in the understanding of feline behavior. By creating a welcoming environment their cats will begin to look at going to the veterinarian in an entirely different way.

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