How to Improve Your Front Desk Experience

Positive interactions build practice loyalty and affinity. Happy clients naturally advocate services on your behalf by recommending your clinic to friends and family. Moreover, referred clients tend to stick around longer and further sing the praises of your practice. Imagine helping more patients while also growing your clinic. With benefits like this, fortifying your approach to client experience just makes sense. So, where’s the right place to begin?

The front desk. As a public-facing position, your front desk offers the first and last interaction with anyone who walks through the door. Setting the tone of your practice and client visits, this important interaction makes a lasting impression, positive or negative. At People, Pets, and Vets (PPV) projecting positivity is one of our core strengths, contributing to 26 years of strong, steady growth. Take a look at our trade tricks to improve your front desk experience.

The first step to improving anything is creating a clear vision. Define yours with a set of client-focused statements to guide your front desk staff. For example, PPV roots client interactions in our values-centered mission, which includes creating a positive culture.  We live by the mantra of working hard and having fun. This vision is embodied by everyone from the clinical team to the front desk, influencing positive interactions all around. Learn more about creating a fantastic vet culture.

For many clients, a trip to the vet is routine, but to others, it can be very stressful. From the pet carrier and the car ride to encountering a different environment, managing this interaction can take a lot of energy. That said, many clients may come in wearing myriad emotions on their sleeve. Extending empathy and understanding for more meaningful front desk interactions can do wonders to develop a client connection and bond.

The power of a smile helps set you in the right frame of mind and puts others at ease. Smiling, making eye contact, and greeting clients within moments of their arrival sends a strong message that you value their time and business. Incorporate friendliness into all aspects of your practice.

Veterinary practices get the distinct pleasure of treating four-legged family members. Clients look to vets for help across the gamut of medical needs, from puppy shots to saying good-bye to a life-time companion. In these exciting and vulnerable moments, being treated like an individual builds trust and equity. Make a point to know and greet both clients and patients by their names. Go the extra mile by being familiar with appointments and treatment plans.


What’s obvious to the trained employee may not be obvious to a new or established client. Things like appointment protocols, treatment fees, and medical terminology can be confusing. Take the time to help your clients understand details about visits, procedures, and medications to alleviate confusion and potential gaps in communication.

The front desk can pose immense pressure for even the most skilled multitasker. Juggling client needs, while fielding phone calls, facilitating payment, making appointments, and rounding up staff can be a challenge by any standard. Make a point to master technology, lean on technicians, prioritize demands and stay organized. These adjustments help provide your clients with a seamless experience from the waiting room to examination to exit.  It’s also a great idea to publish a job aid for your staff to provide guidance on best practices; from in-person interactions to stellar phone etiquette. This can be a great training tool to ensure everyone is super clear on your expectations.

As you look to improve areas of your practice, keep in mind the power of positive experiences. People (and pets!) won’t always remember what you say to them, but they never forget how you make them feel. At PPV, we’re passionate about veterinary care and take pride in working with the best vets in the biz. Learn about our partnership program and joining our team to take your clinic to the next level of success.

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