PPV extends to the Golden State  

Owning a veterinary clinic is a true achievement by any measure! It can be rewarding, but at times it can also be stressful and time-consuming. Enter People, Pets, and Vetsaorganization that forms a collaborative partnership with veterinarians. PPV was founded by Dr. Mike Murphy who understands veterinarians needs and has developed a solution where both parties win. 

Recently, the organization rang the cowbell when they welcomed their first three clinics in California to the family. The Company has plans to further expand its California “pawprint, in addition to existing locations in Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. 

PPV empowers hospital leaders to focus on patients and staff while keeping their local identity and medical autonomy.  Each hospital receives strategic services, including finance, HR, marketing, operations, and IT services.  PPV promises new practices that they will be the same or better off than before joining the family.  

All 40+ PPV hospitals are supported by their operations manager and regional medical director to ensure they have the resources they need to problem-solve, grow revenue, recruit and develop talent, maintain client relationsand obtain clinical support and mentoring. Dallas LaRose, Chief Operating Officer says, “When it comes to providing partnership and support to hospitalsit’s never a one size fits all solution.  Each hospital is unique, and we work with our hospital leaders to determine how we can best support them.  We bring hospitals into our family because they already have a fantastic team and culture.  We meet teams where they want to beand no matter how much or little support they want, we are always here to help our people and practices succeed. 

People, Pets, and Vetsborn in 1992, is a veterinarian-led group with animal hospitals located throughout the western and southwestern United States. Each hospital provides a range of general and surgical services while making a positive impact in their communities. PPV offers a compelling opportunity to veterinarians looking to sell their practice, as well as to associate veterinarians, to share in the Company’s growth through retained ownership. By creating a network of passionate professionals that work smarter, PPV has a strong track record of treating people well, always doing what they say, and creating a relationship built on trust. 

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