Stay {Not Exit} Interviews – The Why and The How!

Most industries perform exit interviews to discuss employees’ job satisfaction and feedback on policy and direction once an employee decides to move on to their next opportunity. While this is very informative for the future of a company, it does not help retain that employee who is already on their way out.  People, Pets, and Vets believe stay interviews are a valuable one-on-one interview between a manager and an employee. The goal is to learn what makes an employee want to keep working for you and your practice. Likewise, it will elicit what may entice someone to leave. These interviews are transformative in building our employee retention strategies – start focusing on what you DO have and what you WANT to maintain and grow to keep your practice successful!

By performing stay interviews, you build trust and open communication with your team members. The two-way dialogue allows for meaningful questions, positive ideation, and employee morale. It is important for leadership to reflect on the results from these discussions, look for patterns, and implement worthwhile changes to retain valuable employees. Interested in learning more? Hayden Milligan, Director of HR will be speaking at Washington State Veterinary Medical Association DVM Master Class on Wednesday, September 15th at 12:00 PM PST.

Hayden has spent the majority of her lifetime cultivating her love for people and pets and has a deep passion for veterinary medicine. Hayden grew up quite literally at the feet of veterinarians and the support staff, clients, and patients in Steamboat Animal Hospital. While originally planning to follow in the family footsteps to become a Veterinarian, Hayden attended Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR. Her love for people and business soon began to outshine her interest in medicine and Hayden pursued a degree in Speech Communication with a minor in Gender Studies.

Hayden left the Northwest for 6 years to build a resume of her own in Colorado, working in employee-centric roles for both the American Cancer Society and Pepsi-Co before returning to her hometown of Olympia in 2014. Hayden currently serves on People, Pets, and Vets leadership team as the Director of HR, serving more than 45+ hospitals across 6 states and every employee within.