Why I partnered with People, Pets and Vets

Owning and operating a successful veterinary clinic is hands down a huge accomplishment. Your passion, determination and drive is well at work solving for business needs, while carefully tending to patients and clients. Love it as you do, the thought of selling your practice may cross your mind from time to time. For most owner-practitioners, selling your practice is the right move; the decision mainly comes down to timing. As you evaluate your options, it’s often helpful to hear from other veterinarians who’ve been through it. We sat down with People, Pets and Vets (PPV) partner, Dr. Kirk Esmond, of Josey Ranch Pet Hospital to share his experience with you. Read on to learn more:

Q: How long have you been a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine?

A:  I’ve been a vet since May 1987 (32 years) and founded Josey Ranch Pet Hospital in 1991.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a vet?

A: I enjoy the science behind the challenges we face in vet medicine – deciphering the clients’ concerns and understanding the patients’ clinical symptoms. Evaluating the results from diagnostics to properly formulate a diagnosis and a treatment plan is really gratifying.

A lot of what we do in domestic pet care is “patch and repair” problems or preventive medicine. However, since partnering with PPV, I’ve been able to focus more time on my passion for canine reproduction, a specialty that’s always fascinated me. Advances in reproductive medicine for animals make possible a wide-range of reproductive techniques, like semen freezing, monitoring high-risk pregnancies and treatment for reproductive conditions. This is a niche that I have followed and developed in throughout my career, so I’m excited to have more time to focus on it.

Q: What made you want to consider selling your practice?

A: I opened my clinic to serve the community in Carrollton, TX. Building a practice from the ground up and growing it over the years was incredible. However, I always knew that I would want to transition my practice in some capacity – just how and when remained the underlying question.

As I navigated the process, I met with several colleagues who sold their clinics. I had my practice evaluated. Over the last few years, the corporate world has made a giant leap in acquiring practices, and while I wasn’t in a particular hurry to sell as I truly do love my job, the numbers came back in my favor. It was clear that the time was right. The final decision rested, however, on the fact that I have given 32 years to my business, clients and patients. As I age, I want to take time to enjoy life!

Q: How did you learn about People, Pets & Vets?

A: Brett Hallman, PPV Director of Practice Acquisitions, called me. A mutual friend mentioned my practice to him, which he was familiar with through a previous role he held in the animal health field. Brett suggested we meet for coffee to discuss partnership opportunities. I found the PPV offer quite compelling and presented it to my broker to include in my evaluation process.

Q: What qualities made you choose PPV as your partner?

A: I chose PPV because of the people (I met with Brett Hallman, DPA, Rodger Baca, CDO, and Mike Murphy, Founder and CEO).  The PPV philosophy and story really resonated with me. Just as important, PPV was interested in me, and the journey of my practice. They listened to me chronologically describe how I started my practice with four employees and grew the facility to a five-doctor hospital. The positive attitude, practice philosophy, and the ability for me to continue the culture of my clinic was very important to me. The assurance that PPV would continue with my outside lab, pricing structure and scheduling, along with keeping my clinic management team played a big part in my decision. I also liked that Josey Ranch would be the first PPV practice in Texas, which was a bonus value of the acquisition.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about working with PPV so far?

A: The people – hands down!  Every single person I have met or spoken with at PPV expresses gratitude for my partnership. PPV has been receptive to all my requests through the transition and handles each and every situation promptly and with professionalism.

Q: What do you look forward to in your career now that you are a part of a family of animal doctors and supportive resources?

A: The supportive resources is everything! The marketing group immediately published brochures for my practice, redesigned and updated the website, and that’s only the beginning. PPV provides resources for HR, IT, Finance and Accounting, Operations and Strategic Planning. And that doesn’t even touch on the supportive company-wide network of veterinarians who are leaders in the field. I have every confidence that any need will be rightly cared for by PPV.

Since beginning my partnership, I’ve recommended two friends to sale their practices to PPV – both signed to partner as well.  I’ve spoken with several vets in the broader Texas area about my experiences working with PPV and they are considering partnerships too. So far everyone I’ve met with agrees that PPV is the partner to go with!

As a clinic owner-practitioner choosing to sell your practice is one of the most important life decisions you’ll make. PPV has worked with dozens of vets looking for the right opportunity for the next phase of their career. Our values-centered mission dedicated to ethics, honesty and providing the best veterinary care possible attracts leaders in the field of vet medicine. Our straightforward partnership opportunities have enabled years of strong and steady growth to include 25+ locations across the Pacific Northwest, Arizona and Texas.

At PPV, we’re dedicated to true partnership, transparency and a culture of awesomeness.

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